Things are getting heated in the venue war that has engulfed AEG and Live Nation over the past few years.

AEG have now initiated a booking policy that basically means if an act wants to play the O2 Arena in London, they need to also play at the Staples Center in L.A., rather than the MSG Entertainment-controlled Forum. They claim this move comes after MSG leveraged the booking for Madison Square Garden in a similar way, with acts being obliged to play the Forum in L.A. if they wanna play at MSG. “Our hand has been forced by MSG’s actions and AEG will now coordinate bookings between The O2 arena and Staples Center to level the playing field for all”, a statement reads.

AEG claim Live Nation were complicit in this, saying in the same statement: “Not only did Live Nation not complain about MSG’s tying of the Garden and the Forum, but it actively encouraged and supported that policy because it suited Live Nation’s interests in driving content away from a competitively ticketed building to a Ticketmaster building, which, in the process, succeeded in sending a very loud message to the live entertainment industry – how well equipped Live Nation is to punish any buildings that dare go with a competing ticketing provider.”

This war has been going on since 2014, since the Forum opened.

Music industry legend Irving Azoff, chairman and CEO of Azoff MSG Entertainment, laid out the situation for Billboard in April, explaining: