Victorian Minister for Creative Industries, Martin Foley, has today announced the final stage in the State Government’s $22.2 million, four-year, Music Works package today, which includes the creation and management of the Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) at the Collingwood Arts Precinct.

At a press conference held at the Collingwood Arts Precinct earlier today, Martin Foley announced the final stage of the package, which also includes the creation of the Music Market, which Mr. Foley explains will be the home to the Victorian Music Development Office.

“Just imagine, an artist could have a showcase performance in a multi-purpose space, present a keynote delivery in the training room, before coming downstairs for that live interview with PBS that’s streamed out on the net,” Martin Foley explained.

“All the while, with their management taking meetings, whether it be with local labels, promoters, discussions in the board rooms, and growing business capacity that’s so critical to growing much of our music industry.”

The establishment of the VMDO intends to help artists receive as much support as possible in their careers, including an industry research program, a free event program featuring international speakers, and an export focused program that includes global marketing campaigns about Victorian acts.

Likewise, the VMDO will also oversee the implementation of Support Acts for the Big Names, which aims to support inclusion and diversity within contemporary music programming. This campaign hopes to increase the live music opportunities for the under-represented artists in Australian music by encouraging promoters to book these acts as the support acts for larger musicians, thus increasing their exposure and profile.

The Melbourne Live Music Census 2017 results released last week show that the local industry is flourishing as a result of this investment and continues to be a major driver of employment in the arts and hospitality sectors,” said Tim Northeast, chair of Music Victoria.

“Music Victoria looks forward to creating further opportunities for the industry through the Victorian Music Development Office and the Collingwood Arts Precinct.”

“This is all about taking Victorian music to the next level – by backing our industry’s best and brightest and inspiring the artists of tomorrow,” confirmed Martin Foley. “The Music Market will be a hub of creativity, allowing musicians to share ideas and collaborate on projects, get training and do business.”

Check out Martin Foley’s speech at the Collingwood Arts Precinct:

VMDO/Music Market Announcement – April 17 2018

Huge announcement this morning from Martin Foley MP. Reps across the entire Victorian music industry gathered at Collingwood Arts Precinct to hear a special announcement regarding the final stage of the Music Works package. Listen in (in case you want to know the news straight away – he has announced delivery of the final stage in a $22.2 million investment in Victorian music)…👏

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