Earlier today, I found this article about the taxonomy of YouTube videos via Music Ally – It’s an outline for “how you can develop original content that works”.

The article has a simple structure for the eight formats of successful YouTube content series. In author Matt Gielen’s words:

This will allow you to go to your creative teams, your companies, your businesses, your studios, etc. with an understanding and way of analyzing what content is currently doing well in your vertical, what’s missing from your vertical, and how the content you make can stand out, feel completely original, and generate millions of views.

Essentially, it’s a guide to developing unique content for YouTube.

A chart showing viral YouTube formats

Matt explains how every great content series, from Complex’s Hot Ones with Bill Burr to VOGUE’s 73 Questions with Kendall Jenner, are mostly a hybrid of two of the above formats, creating a new format to provide the largest fishing net to engage user interest and increase view velocity.

Not interested in Bill Burr? Well you can still enjoy the video to see what happens when he eats that super spicy hot wing. Couldn’t care less about Kendall Jenner? Well you can still enjoy seeing how a multi-millionaire lives.

What I love most about this article is its emphasis on blue ocean strategy, which states most new innovations are merely mixtures of elements that already exist.

Being different is often more important than being great, especially if there is demand for the area of differentiation – This is my definition of relevance.