If a major label-signed artist creates a fan experience using virtual reality, chances are London-based startup MelodyVR is behind it.

That statement is set to ring even more true with news the company has inked a host of licensing deals with various European collecting societies.

According to an announcement on the London Stock Exchange, MelodyVR has entered into five music licensing, collection and distribution agreements with European rights holders.

Covering rights in Germany, the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, the agreements mark the rights holders’ first ever deals to license a virtual reality music service.

The news follows reports of Adele’s rumoured investment in MelodyVR’s parent company EVR Holdings.

The agreements are with:

1. International Copyright Enterprise Services Limited (“ICE”), covering:

· Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights (“GEMA”)

· Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society Limited (“MCPS”)

· Performing Right Society Limited (“PRS”)

· Swedish Songwriters International Music bureau (“STIM”)

2. Hellenic Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property (“AEPI”)