It’s no secret that Sydney has copped something of a lashing in recent times. In truth it isn’t quite as alarming as many make out – although when even Vivid events face 9.30pm closures from noise complaints, you know there’s a flaw in the system there. But for every closing Newtown Social Club, there is the resurrection of a Lansdowne Hotel; for every disappearing open mic night, there is a small bar coveting live music.

Now that City of Sydney and Vivid have paired up to launch X|Celerate – a showcase to promote local artists amidst the dazzling brouhaha of coloured lights and international guests – many of the artists who have experienced this changing music landscape are about to find themselves with a whole new crowd.

Check out the below video to find out more about X|Celerate.

Vivid Sydney and City of Sydney have teamed up to give local musos a huge boost.

Posted by The Industry Observer on Monday, June 12, 2017