Warner Music Australia has joined forces with Born Bred Talent, a leading local talent management and marketing agency, on a new video distribution network for YouTube “influencers — dubbed “Born Bred Distribution” — which should accelerate collaborations between Aussie artists and social media personalities.

Through the new global partnership, announced out of WMA’s Sydney offices late Thursday, Born Bred’s influencers will now have access to YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) to put its talent “side by side” with the music major’s roster and to “monetise creator’s content.” Additionally, the alliance will explore the expanding space between musicians, influencers and their audiences to find “mutually beneficial outcomes,” a joint statement reads.

A full service agency, BBT boasts a roster of than 60 of Australia’s most influential social media personalities, with access to a database of more than 3,000 “micro-influencers.” With offices in Sydney with Brisbane, BBT’s blue-chip clients include Disney, Sony, IKEA and Nickelodeon.

Both parties are declaring the partnership “ground breaking,” one which sees Born Bred Distribution offer YouTubers audience development, content programming, collaborations, digital rights management, monetisation optimisation, and advice for Warner Music’s artists on how to improve their own content on the giant streaming platform, according to the statement.

Also, Warner Music Australia has chosen BBT to be its “preferred” influencer marketing agency, by managing campaigns for it artists, tours and domestic signings.