In August, Warner Music Group announced a major play to grab the attention of youths.

It acquired US-based youth culture media brand UPROXX for an undisclosed sum, however a person involved in the deal told the LA Times WMG paid “less than $100 million”.

UPROXX reaches more than 40 million across its owned and operated and social channels, and with its closest rival being the publisher juggernaut Vice, it was a genius play to influence charts and streaming numbers.

And while UPROXX continues to be run by CEO and Chief Creative Benjamin Blank and Co-Founder and Publisher Jarret Myer, there was talk at the time regarding just how big of an influence Warner would have on the title.

But thanks to an interview with Max Lousada, global CEO of Warner’s recorded music operation on Music Business Worldwide, we now know the major label has been leaning in at UPROXX‘s content meetings.

“We want to have a closer dialogue and relationship with the consumer,” Lousada told MBW. “We want to be able to compete in the attention economy with a diverse range of products, experiences, and opportunities for our artists and for their fans.”

Lousada was referring to both Warner’s purchase of UPROXX and of German merch/e-commerce hub EMP, which Warner acquired last month for over US$180m.