Each year, triple j run their annual Hottest 100 campaign with an epic trailer featuring a whole swathe of local and international artists making cameos.

From Peking Duk and Dean Lewis, to Brockhampton, Charli XCX, Mark Ronson, Ice Cube and A$AP Rocky, some of the globe’s biggest names have taken part over the years.

A quick glance at the all-star lineup featured in this year’s ‘True Crime’ parody speaks volumes about the hours and planning that go in to each clip. From getting Steve Aoki to play a courtroom judge, to having Kwame play the defence attorney, and having Broods dress up in prison jumpsuits, this year’s cut was as genius as its predecessors.

One of the masterminds behind each Hottest 100 trailer is triple j Video Producer Tim Pass.

Check out our Q&A with Pass below where he chats about how he got the role, the secret to their virility, the inspiration behind the latest trailer, and more.

Which Hottest 100 trailers have you created?

Together with Jess Hallay (triple j Video Producer) we made this year’s ‘True Crime’ parody, as well as 2016’s ‘Dankest Earth’ with Dr Karl. Prior to that I worked with Dave May on the 2013-2015 trailers including the popular action film one.

How did you get the job?

I started as the Video Producer at triple j in 2013. We decided to create the star-studded Hottest 100 videos as a celebration of all the great music we play each year.