French duo Daft Punk and Canadian singer The Weeknd are facing a $5 million lawsuit over claims they plagiarised their 2016 hit ‘Starboy’.

Back in 2016, The Weeknd teamed up with Daft Punk to deliver the track ‘Starboy’. The first taste from his album of the same name, the track went on to top charts all around the world, and even managed to chart at #10 in that year’s Hottest 100 countdown.

However, the musicians are now facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit over claims that they ripped off elements to their hit track.

As TMZ notes, Somali-American poet Yasminah claims that Daft Punk and The Weeknd stole portions of her track ‘Hooyo’.

According to the lawsuit, Yasminah claims that she co-wrote and released ‘Hooyo’ in 2009, a full seven years before the chart-topping ‘Starboy’ was released. Yasminah notes that the track uses the “same hook, same key, similar tempo”, and features a very similar beat that showcases “prominent claps on beats 2 and 4”.

Yasminah apparently isn’t the first to notice the similarity, with the lawsuit reportedly stating that countless blogs have been written which point out the resemblance between the two tracks, along with thousands of comments that echo this sentiment. While we’re not saying these blogs don’t exist, a pretty hearty Google search fails to turn up anything of the sort.

However, this also isn’t the first time that Daft Punk and The Weeknd have been threatened with lawsuits over the track either. Yasminah claims that two of her producers raised accusations of plagiarism in the past, but settled out of court. Yasminah reportedly never saw anything from these settlements, which is why she’s taking legal action now.

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While the two tracks do share some pretty obvious similarities, it remains to be seen whether or not Yasminah will be successful in her lawsuit. At this stage, none of the involved parties have released statements addressing the lawsuit.

Check out The Weeknd’s ‘Starboy’: