The results are in: Live music matters more than ever.

The pulling power of gigs is laid bare in a new report, What Australians Love About Live Music, a crib sheet for marketers based on feedback from more than 1,000 music fans.

The Brag Media connected with readers of its key titles, including Rolling Stone Australia, Tone Deaf and The Industry Observer, to gauge how brands can better connect with consumers through the power of live music.

Among the key takeaways, brands that play in the live music space remain culturally relevant and are market leaders in their respective categories.

Think Qantas, Telstra, Red Bull and Magnum.

Brand loyalty is real. Respondents to the study were found to attend gigs to support their favourite artists.

With that in mind, brands that help facilitate that connection will have stronger affinity with consumers.

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Also, size really does matter. Brands should think small when considering live music activations, the study finds. Most Aussies prefer smaller, more intimate gigs over large arena or festival shows.

The results are published in a 20-page report, available to download here at

“Despite the live music sector going to ground during the pandemic, music hasn’t lost its voice and culturally relevant brands have continued to connect with audiences through creative music-first campaigns – both online and offline. But the biggest opportunity is now in sight,” comments TBM CEO Luke Girgis.

When live music returns en masse in 2022, “our research shows that Millennials and Gen Z will be first in line to see their favourite artists perform,” Girgis continues.

“Brave brands wanting to remain culturally connected should take note: live music is the low hanging fruit in a post-COVID world.”

What Australian’s Love About Live Music
What Australian’s Love About Live Music

The release of What Australians Love About Live Music closely follows a new, cross-industry call out, Vax the Nation, and the new Vaxstage Pass, a competition backed by the country’s leading promoters that dangles the hottest tickets in the land next year, but only for those punters who’ve had both jabs.

Vax the Nation went live earlier this month, an initiative of the newly-formed LIVE Alliance, which includes reps from ARIA, APRA AMCOS, Assn. of Artist Managers (AAM), Australian Live Music Business Council (ALMBC), Frontier Touring, Live Nation, TEG and more.

In the U.S., proof of vaccination has become the industry standard with LN and AEG Presents separately announcing no-vax, no-entry policies to their respective line-ups of live events.

In these parts, the governments at all levels are planning to ease restrictions on movement and gatherings when the full-vaccinated population lifts above 70%, the lower end of the scale for when experts estimate herd immunity to occur.