Using his 12 years in the sporting industry, Ben Mackriell, EVP Perform & Head of OptaPro, offered up lessons on how data can change culture at FastForward Amsterdam.

Using his years as a professional athlete (he was an international hockey player for Wales and a rugby player), and his Sport Science degree, Ben Mackriell is best known for setting up a European strategy for talent-sourcing using data and technology.

ben at fastforward amsterdam 2019

His methods are now used to measure and increase performance for rugby and football clubs, including the All Blacks, Premiership Rugby and Chelsea Football Club.

“For every match we have about 2,000 events. So things that happen in the game, and that is based on a huge database of what is now over 520,000 elite footballers across mens’ and women football,” Mackriell said onstage at contemporary music venue Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in his Day 2 Keynote late last week.

“That is biographical data, who they are, age, how many games they’ve played – very basic stuff,” he continued. “And then on top of that we layer this performance data, the elite data, which is 2,000 events per game. We do that for 45 domestic competitions around the world; and we do it all live.”