Last week, the Australian music industry celebrated their annual night of nights with the 2018 ARIA Awards. While countless amazing musicians scored some of those famous pointy statues, plenty of other talented folks also scored nominations for this year, ensuring that their work hasn’t gone unrecognised.

With the awards done for another year now, it makes for a perfect time to stroll down memory lane and check out some of the highlights of years gone by.

Remember when Savage Garden won ten awards in 1997? Remember when Paul Mac thanked Sydney’s drug dealers during Itch-E And Scratch-E’s speech? Or remember when Madison Avenue’s performance was overshadowed by a water glass?

These days, it’s so easy to go back and relive some of these moments thanks to the Internet. But it’s also worth remembering that the awards’ early days are less easy to remember, with the awards not being televised until 1992.

In fact, the inaugural ceremony in 1987 was rather famous for host Elton John telling the industry to not televise their proceedings, “if you want these Awards to stay fun.”

As a result, many of the famous moments of the early ceremonies are lost to time. We’ve got no footage of iconic producer George Martin presenting at the 1989 awards, and we’ve got no visual proof of Molly Meldrum getting into a war of words with Midnight Oil manager Gary Morris in 1988.

However, the biggest oversight of these early years happens to revolve around the fact that we have no record of the nominees from 1988.