I often wonder why developing artists invest $5,000 – $15,000 on video clips.

Judging by the view counts some of these videos get, it looks like they’re paying $2-$4 per view?!? Wow, what a waste of time, energy and precious budget that is.

Marketing and band managers need to seriously re-think the value of polished video clips in 2018. The odds of Rage, V Music or MTV breaking a band no one has ever heard of is almost zero, so why do we do it? Well, there are only three reasons I can think of to justify spending $5k-15k on a polished video for your developing artists.

1. You have a very viral idea

If your idea has the potential to go viral it might be worth rolling the dice. But just know that idea and execution are two different things.

It’s one thing to think of a genius idea, it’s another to pull it off; and it requires a whole lot of planning, experience and luck to nail viral video concepts.

I speak from experience. Years ago I managed hip hop group Mind Over Matter who came up with an idea to play strip twister with some elderly folk. The concept sounded funny enough that we thought people would watch all the way through and share the video.

However, we really didn’t nail the concept, it notched up 58k views and fell out of memory as the song finished it cycle on Triple J rotation.

The clip cost us over $5k. It was money not well spent in my view as analytics taught us that the 58k views came off the back of the Triple J rotation not off of the strength of the video, which means a much simpler (cheaper) idea would have yielded the same results.