The countdown is down for Australia’s biggest annual music conference and showcase event, Bigsound.

Industry figures and artists alike are jam-packing their calendars before they make the pilgrimage to Fortitude Valley on September 4; and with daytime conference numbers increasing 10% on last year to 1,500, the live programme has also expanded to feature more acts and more venues.

In the words of Linkin Park, time is a valuable thing. So, we asked a few Bigsound delegates including Paul Harris (Sony Music), Claire Collins (Bossy), Dave Parker (Universal Music) and Mardi Caught (The Annex) who their ‘must-see’ showcasing acts are.

Charlie Collins and Atlas Franklin Alexander

“Charlie Collins has been writing and performing incredible songs since she was 11 and is without doubt one of Australia’s most promising talents. This new project sees her branching out solo and with the release of just one single so far, Charlie is already getting attention all across the globe. She is an act you don’t want to miss at Bigsound.
“Atlas Franklin Alexander will be debuting his live band at Bigsound and will drop his first single that week. Not much else to say other then this is going to blow peoples minds wide open.”
– Nick Lynagh, Mirror Music

Watch Charlie Collins’ video for “Wish You Were Here’ below:



“I am hands down, sorry not sorry, borderline obsessed with CXLOE. If she is not the next biggest Aussie breakout star, then I’ll shout the bar at BIGSOUND.”
– Van Picken, Comes With Fries