The countdown is down for Australia’s biggest annual music conference and showcase event, Bigsound.

Industry figures and artists alike are jam-packing their calendars before they make the pilgrimage to Fortitude Valley on September 4; and with daytime conference numbers increasing 10% on last year to 1,500, the live programme has also expanded to feature more acts and more venues.

In the words of Linkin Park, time is a valuable thing. So, we asked a few Bigsound delegates including Paul Harris (Sony Music), Claire Collins (Bossy), Dave Parker (Universal Music) and Mardi Caught (The Annex) who their ‘must-see’ showcasing acts are.

Charlie Collins and Atlas Franklin Alexander

“Charlie Collins has been writing and performing incredible songs since she was 11 and is without doubt one of Australia’s most promising talents. This new project sees her branching out solo and with the release of just one single so far, Charlie is already getting attention all across the globe. She is an act you don’t want to miss at Bigsound.
“Atlas Franklin Alexander will be debuting his live band at Bigsound and will drop his first single that week. Not much else to say other then this is going to blow peoples minds wide open.”
– Nick Lynagh, Mirror Music

Watch Charlie Collins’ video for “Wish You Were Here’ below:


“I am hands down, sorry not sorry, borderline obsessed with CXLOE. If she is not the next biggest Aussie breakout star, then I’ll shout the bar at BIGSOUND.”
– Van Picken, Comes With Fries

Stream CXLOE’s track ‘Show You’ below:

Triple One

“The most intense, sweaty, visceral and intimidating live show you’ll see all week. And I mean all of that in a good way.”
– Paul Harris, Sony Music

Watch Triple One’s video for ‘Tarlo’ below:


“We love them, maybe you will too?”
– Nathan McLay, Future Classic

“I’m so keen to check out teen sensations Erthlings, the newest Future Classic signing.  I just heard their debut single today Bridges and am super impressed.”
– Claire Collins, Bossy

Watch Erthlings’ video for ‘Bridges’ below:

Adrian Eagle

“I first saw him perform “17 Again” at the Industry Observer Awards. An incredible storyteller, with powerful stage presence, a soulful voice and beautiful smile. Absolutely love him!”
– Rachel Kelly, Downtown Music Publishing

Watch Adrian Eagle’s clip for ’17 Again’ below:


“Gravemind are one of the most CLEVER marketers of their own music out there AND they are 100% the HEAVIEST thing that is likely to have ever played at Bigsound, so I can’t wait for that.”
– Tim Price, Collision Course PR

Watch Gravemind’s clip for ‘Lifelike’ below:


“Right now, like right now, there’s no emerging artist hotter than triple j Unearthed High competition winner KIAN. The whole industry is coming to check him out.”
– Chryss Carr, co-manager

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Watch KIAN’s video for ‘Waiting’ below:

Imogen Clark

“Imogen Clark is a must see. An authentic singer-songwriter who crosses genres.”
– Dave Parker, Universal Music Australia

Watch Imogen Clark’s clip for ‘Collide’ below:


“I haven’t seen her live yet. She’s got such an awesome voice and songs. Singer, writer and producer – love a triple threat!”
– Viv Fantin, Fantin Comes Alive

“I’m going to keep pursuing my current G Flip obsession so that’s the top of the list.”
– Mardi Caught, The Annex

Watch G-Flip’s video for ‘About You’ below:

The Beths

“Guitar indie rock songs with sunny pop melodies performed with a wonderful sense of fun. The best thing to come out of the Auckland Uni Jazz School.”
– Jeff Newton, NZ On Air

Watch The Beths’ video for ‘You Wouldn’t Like Me’ below:

The Merindas 

“Warrior queens, synths, pop, joy and fearlessness. All my favourite things in music right now AND they are looking for management.”
– Leanne De Souza, AAM

Listen to The Merindas’ ‘We Sing Until Sunrise’ below:


“How could I possibly choose when there are amazing acts like Didirri and Slowly Slowly performing. I can’t wait to see all of the incredible talent Bigsound has to offer this year”
– Jaddan Comerford, UNIFIED Music Group

“Having heard him for the first time at BS 17 and then followed him around at various events and seeing him play at SXSW this year, it’s been a pleasure to see the success flow with him.”
– Stuart Watters, Nightlife Music

Watch Didirri’s video for ‘I Can’t Get Last Night Out Of My Head’ below:

Oh Pep!

“Double J’s showcase will bring some of Australia’s most talented women to the front. Thando, Gabriella Cohen and Nardean have already released impressive music this year so I’m most excited to see indie folk duo Oh Pep! road test their new songs.”
– Dorothy Markek, Double J Music Director

Watch Oh Pep!’s video for ‘What’s The Deal With David?’ below:

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

“PPC’s live set is off the hook, loud, loose and full of face melting goodness. Do not miss this band!”
– Sammie Anschau, Beehive PR

Watch Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ video for ‘Cornflake’ below:


“Super excited to see Samsaruh perform at BIGSOUND, after hearing the songs on the radio they are just completely brought to life in her incredible live performance and my god what a voice!”
– Meg Collins, SUM Management

Listen to Samsaruh’s track ‘Speaking Fire’ below:

Good Doogs

“There’s so many acts playing at the Unearthed showcases this year who’re primed to rip the lid off things – I’m talking about G-Flip, Kwame, Slowly Slowly – but I’ve got a feeling that Mandurah’s Good Doogs might just be the wildcard to watch with their loose surf punk and unstoppable energy.”
– Dave Ruby Howe, triple j Unearthed

Watch Good Doogs’ clip for ‘So Dumb’ below:

Cry Club

“They’re one of the most exciting acts to watch live and one of the most important new bands in Australia. I doubt you’ll be able to see them in a small venue for long! (PS. I also think people should come watch me but I think that goes without saying!)”
– Rachel Maria Cox

Stream Cry Club’s ‘Walk Away’ below:

Rachel Maria Cox

“The UK scene hasn’t taken a risk on a guitar bands in ages and I’m extremely excited for an emo fix!”
– Chris Carey, FastForward

Watch Rachel Maria Cox’s clip for ‘Untidy’ below:

Merpire, Eliott, JEFFE, and Georgia Mulligan

“There’s some serious girl power happening up at Bigsound this year! Merpire, Eliott, JEFFE & Georgia Mulligan are definite must-see’s!! These gals are some of our favourite singer/songwriters emerging from the local scene right now. Each of these ladies are gifted and unique performers who truly know how to captivate a crowd!”
– Elizabeth Browne & Tamara Georgopoulos, ArowAgency 

Watch Georgia Mulligan’s clip for ‘The Dark’ below:


“I’m keen as to see Beatrice and hear the songs from her upcoming EP – from all accounts I hear it’s tasty… she’s an incredible artist.”
– Jess Carroll, Inmocean

Stream Beatrice’s track ‘Grid’ below:

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