As Facebook becomes a more valuable tool to grow brands and generate more business, its value against other marketing platforms is beginning to change.

In fact, according to serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, the $80 billion spent by brands to make TV and film commercials each year, will soon be flooded into the Facebook ecosystem.

“When Coca Cola, and BMW and IBM start taking that money from page 147 of Sports Illustrated and from [TV commercials], and they put those dollars into Facebook and Instagram, the price of our attention is going to go through the roof,” he says.

The CEO and co-founder of digital agency VaynerMedia services Fortune 500 clients, the largest US corporations by total revenue. And according to Vaynerchuk, 95% of those in the Fortune 500 have declined in marketshare in the last two years.

Watch him touch on the incoming marketing era in the clip below, and if you don’t currently have an active digital marketing strategy, get one.