When the CEO and founder of Songkick sent out a statement to artists stating the company will cease operations, a few artists were concerned about whether the added push of their concerts on Spotify is still available.

Songkick chief Matt Jones advised artists and managers last week that its ticketing arm would wrap up for good on October 31.

Thankfully though, Songkick’s integration with Spotify – where artists can use Songkick Tourbox to automatically list shows on a host of streaming services – won’t be affected.

TIO understands Songkick‘s concert discovery service, including the database it pulls in concert information from, will not be affected.

Once a concert is listed in Songkick Tourbox’s system, it’ll automatically get added to platforms including Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, and Hype Machine, among others.

NYC-based Songkick isn’t making a quiet exit from the ticketing sector however, in the letter to artists and managers CEO Matt Johns used the opportunity to reveal it has bowed to pressure from larger figures in the industry.

“I’m sad to write that on October 31, Songkick will bow to pressure from Live Nation and Ticketmaster and complete the shutdown of all ticketing operations (including the design and maintenance of artist webpages) we began earlier this year when Ticketmaster and Live Nation effectively blocked our U.S. ticketing business,” said Johns.

Songkick’s ticketing division had been in trouble for some time; according to Forbes, the company sold its brand name and the app to Warner Music earlier this year. Its concert discovery tool will continue to work as part of WMG.