It comers as no surprise that, despite plenty of awareness of the clear divide between the representation of men and women in the Australian music industry, a new report (via Music Feeds) has found that women remain “chronically disadvantaged” on everything from festival lineups to industry boards.

Conducted by the University of Sydney’s Women, Work and Leadership Research Group, the new research highlights two major factors in the inequality in Australian music – one being the potential (or lack thereof) for female artists to get their break, and the other of women being held back from positions behind the scenes.

“Whether it be radio playlists, festival lineups, industry awards, major industry boards, male artists and voices overwhelmingly dominate the Australian music industry,” lead author Associate Professor Rae Cooper says.

“When we look at the gender breakdown for more technical roles such as sound engineering and music production, the gap becomes even wider,” Professor Cooper adds. “Women in the music industry are not only confronted with the ‘glass ceiling’, but also ‘glass walls’, where women congregate in occupations and sectors where the majority of employees are women.”

“Inclusive, representative music industries are the foundation of a rich and diverse music landscape,” says co-author Dr Amanda Coles of Deakin University. “The Australian music industry must catch up to the changes happening across the creative industries more generally.”