Last night, triple j weekend arvo presenter Dylan Alcott went from his job behind the mic to a new position in front of the camera as a guest on ABC‘s Q&A disability special, alongside Kiruna Stamell, Graeme Innes, Catia Malaquias, and Bruce Bonyhady.

But the day before all of that, fellow triple j presenter Brooke Boney offered up the idea of getting Dylan to sneak some easter eggs into the show, and they opened up the phones.

“Now I took this Q&A serious,” says Dylan, “It was a serious thing that I’m really passionate about but I thought, you know what? I want to take the triple j listeners along for the ride with me and try slip in some references. And then we got a call from Andy in Sydney.”

Andy challenged Dylan to drop in as many Wu Tang references into his Q&A appearance as he could.

Watch the Wu Tang Clan perform C.R.E.A.M. here:


Dylan was torn: on the one hand, he had to rise to the Wu Tang challenge set for him, and at the other, he had to convey an important and timely message for Q&A’s viewership. Here’s how Dylan sums up how the night went:

“I was crappin’ myself. I thought, what have I done? Because now I have to do it. Anyway, we get to Q&A and you go in to this green room and everyone’s so nervous. You’re thinking about what you’re going to talk about, what they’re going to ask and you get really nervous. I’m thinking, can I get the Wu-Tang lyrics in? Then you get taken out, there’s 300 people in the crowd, maybe a million people watching on TV. I’m pretty shaky and all I was thinking about was trying to get these answers across because I was so passionate about it.”

Watch how many references Dylan Alcott snuck in here: