Today a panel of music industry heavyweights banded together to announce the launch of Your Choice, a music industry-focused campaign to stamp out assault and abuse in Victoria’s music scene by raising awareness of the ingrained cultural issues and lack of personal accountability that are the root of the problem.

Helmed by SLAM co-founder and Vic Sexual Assault Task Force member Helen Marcou, the group included Corner Hotel/Northcote Social Club Music & Marketing Co-ordinator Sally Mather; Secret Sounds/Splendour/Falls CEOs Jessica Ducrou and Paul Piticco; UNIFIED CEO/founder Jaddan Comerford; and The Hills Are Alive Co-owner and artist manager Rhett McLaren, all of whom will be lending their voices and expertise to the campaign going forward.

The message behind Your Choice is that, while artists, venues, staff and music events all have a role to play in stamping out assaults at music events, the ultimate responsibility falls on those who commit these acts to begin with – it’s your choice, and no-one else’s.

The main purpose isn’t to simply push for stronger regulations for music events or more severe punishments for offenders – it’s to steadily encourage a genuine cultural change in the music scene and the wider community, rather than force one through outside intervention.

As Paul pointed out, there’s ultimately no way to regulate people’s behaviour at every turn, and the most effective approach will be to make it clear to everyone the personal responsibility that rests on them for their own behaviours.