As intrepid journalists working in today’s music media, we tend to receive a number of press releases spruiking bands, tours, and indie darlings each day. That number is a billion.

With the heroic aim of providing a handy guide to those hoping to decode the terminology used within these emails, we have compiled this handy glossary of terms you may find in a music-based press release.

Print this out. Twice.

Up-and-coming: Nobody has heard of them yet, but I am working to change this. In fact, it’s my job!

Get in quick because this one is going to sell out: We booked a room that’s too big, so we really need to move tickets as early as possible, in case we need to downgrade the venue.

Due to VISA issues: That weed bust when the guitarist was 19 has really come back to bite us, hasn’t it?

Due to unforeseen circumstances: The tour isn’t as financially viable as we’d have hoped.

Limited-edition release: We pressed 300 CDs, ‘cos that was the minimum order at Troy Horse – let’s see what happens.