An advocacy group led by artists has unleashed the below advertising campaign, which urges YouTube to give more of the platform’s profits to those artists that actually create the content responsible for YouTube’s success.

Content Creators Coalition, or ‘c3’, are also calling upon U.S. Congress to update the wildly outmoded Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Interestingly, these anti-YouTube ads will soon be appearing on YouTube.

“Google’s YouTube has shortchanged artists while earning billions of dollars off our music. Artists know YouTube can do better. So, rather than hiding behind outdated laws, YouTube and Google should work to give artists more control over our music and pay music creators fairly when our songs are played on their platform,” said Melvin Gibbs, c3 President.

“Our ads send a message to the executives in Mountain View that artists are fighting back and mobilizing fans to push Congress to update the DMCA and end the legal neglect that has given Big Tech too much power over our work and society.”

Watch the adverts below.