Post Malone’s ‘Rockstar’ is one of the biggest songs of 2017, but its chart success was initially buoyed by a looped snippet of the song’s chorus presented as a teaser by his label Republic.

The video quickly hit 40 million views, and these views actually contributed to the chart success of the song.

If this seems dodgy to you, well YouTube’s Global Head Of Music agrees with you.

Speaking to Pitchfork, Cohen confirmed: “We’ve stopped that from happening.”

A spokesperson elaborated further, stating: “Loop videos that feature misleading and inaccurate metadata violate YouTube policies and we are actively working to have them removed.

“Further, any upload of a song intended to mislead a user (preview, truncated, looped) posted on YouTube to look like the original song will not contribute to any charts.”

Looks like the jig is up.