The ability of YouTube to provide people with the ability to binge their favourite band’s live shows and festival sets has copped quite a lot of flack amongst mosh-pit faithfuls over time, tarnishing the mystery and spontaneity that comes with live shows.

YouTube and Ticketmaster have just announced a partnership that will enable fans to purchase tickets and view tour information directly on artist’s YouTube pages. Beginning today, the team up will kick off in the U.S with YouTube featuring the tour details for hundreds of artists upcoming shows beneath video descriptions.

Just spent the last 4 hours frothing over Lana Del Rey’s dreamy live show? Buying tickets to her upcoming shows have just become a lot easier.

The feature will include information about the nearest show and there are plans to expand globally, with hints towards future plans to focus on ‘artist-to-fan connections’. This comes at a time where Spotify is currently the undisputed leader of the streaming game and has placed a huge focus on exclusive artist generated content put in place to further fan engagement.