YouTube have recently announced a whole batch of updates and upgrades, including a touched-up user interface, but one of their newest features is still being rolled-out, with the video sharing service doing what they can to become more like Facebook.

In a video that was uploaded to YouTube in June, but only made public within the last month, YouTube have showcased their newest feature; in-app video sharing and messaging.

Having begun rolling out the feature to select audiences a month ago, YouTube’s newest feature has been in the planning stages since at least last year, with certain countries, such as Canada and Latin America having had access to it before the majority of users.

Basically, this new feature turns YouTube into Facebook Messenger, allowing you to share videos with contacts within the app and conduct conversations with them. So what’s the benefit of this? Well, other than saving a few seconds by not needing to copy the link to share in the Facebook Messenger app, not much.

Australians are not slowly getting access to this new feature as well, with more and more Aussies beginning to share videos by this new method.

Check out YouTube’s promotional video on the new feature below. If you’re a big fan of it, share it with your friends, by either copying the link, or pressing the share button – the choices are now endless.