Contrary to what the know-it-all kid says next door, YouTube’s dominance in the streaming space is showing no signs of diminishing.

The giant user-generated platform’s reach and watch time is surging in Australia, according to numbers presented at YouTube’s annual Brandcast summit in Sydney this week.

Nielsen Australia’s head of media Monique Perry revealed the service reaches 14.6 million Australians each month with an average watch time of 20 hours and 59 minutes, according to a report published by AdNews, with younger audiences proving particularly hungry for content.

According to the findings, 87% of 18-39s spend almost 27 hours glued to YouTube each month, with a similar band of 25-54s logged on for about 23 hours. Older demographics are also chewing up time on YouTube with some 60% of consumers aged 55 and over found to spend 12 hours and 17 minutes each month.

And in a nod to its career-altering propositions for the creative community, the number of Australian creators with more than 1 million subscribers, an elite circle that includes Troye Sivan, has more than doubled in the past year to 65.

According to AdNews, Google managing director Jason Pellegrino set a “conciliatory tone” with his presentation. “This year was less loud and brash, more humble and a promise to listen,” the new title enthuses.

What the speakers didn’t address, however, was the smoking hot issue of the “value gap” and the sums generated for music creators and investors.