“It’s going to be hard for me not to spend the next 15 minutes and 47 seconds talking about that Gang of Youths album if I’m honest.”

Zane Lowe, the New Zealand-born Apple Music exec and DJ, is in Sydney for ARIA Week. Yesterday, he was the keynote speaker for this year’s ARIA Masterclass, and while he covered the story of how he went from Auckland-based rapper in the early ’90s to LA-based Creative Director and DJ for Apple Music’s Beats 1, he spent a good chunk of his time confessing his love for Sydney’s own Gang of Youths.

“I had to kick my own arse this week because I hadn’t applied myself to it,” he told his interviewer, beloved artist manager John Watson (Eleven). “I liked the first record, I knew that they were a great live band, it just hadn’t crossed my path.”

“Then I saw they were nominated for like 20 ARIAs (it’s eight, but close enough) and […] I put it on and it just completely knocked me off my feet,” he gushed from the Telstra Customer Insight Centre.

“It sort of summed up everything I grew up always loving about Australian music. Certainly with writers like Tim Rogers, bands that were able to paint this amazing picture with words. And he can do that; that guy (David Le’aupepe) is a writer.