It’s no secret that mental health issues are one of the biggest problems facing anyone who works in music, whether you’re an artist or one of the many cogs in the machine, let alone an epidemic that’s becoming an ever greater threat to society as a whole.

Jonathan Reichardt is an Australian music producer who, along with working with some of the biggest names in Australian music like the Hilltop Hoods and Bliss n Eso, has also seen first hand the impact that declining mental health is having on our country’s artists – himself included.

As the producer behind 360’s incredibly moving new single ‘Tiny Angel’, which deals with some incredibly heavy issues, Jonathan clearly has an ability to capture an emotional state in music, and now he hopes to use that skill to help people improve their mental health, one song at a time.

Teaming up with long-time collaborators Dan Fynn and Steve Iuliano for his new project Zoenmind, their new album Autumn Bells aims to provide the perfect soundtrack for mindfulness and meditation, one of the most common non-medical weapons against anxiety and depression.

Through Zoenmind, Jonathan hopes he can make a difference for anyone fighting the same battles as he does.


Jonathan produced 360’s heart-wrenching new single ‘Tiny Angel’