Last year, songwriter, producer and artist Andrew Burford landed two tracks in the world’s largest music poll, the triple j Hottest 100. His track for Hilltop Hoods, ‘1955’ ft. Montaigne, hit #4, and he also claimed #49 with another Hoods single, ‘Higher’ ft. James Chatburn.

Andrew Burford, aka Sydney-based artist One Above, has actually accrued eight tracks in the Hottest 100 since 2011, including two tracks for Chance Waters, one for Illy, and another for Allday on his breakout hit ‘You Always Know The DJ’.

Burford has lost track of the number of Platinum and Gold accreditations he’s amassed over the years. He keeps some at his home studio in Sydney, but says many of them – like Hoods’ 4x Platinum ‘1955’ and ‘I Love It’ ft. Sia – just keep doubling and tripling to the point where he’s stopped having plaques made.

triple j list andrew burford
Andrew Burford has accrued eight tracks in the triple j Hottest 100 since 2011

As you may have guessed, it was with Australian hip hop forefathers Hilltop Hoods that Burford really cut his teeth. Early in his career, Burford gravitated toward the rise of the genre, his heroes mirrored his own musical aspirations and when he set to work, his own vision for the work was running in parallel with theirs.