Wayne Ringrow, VP of Australian Artists Marketing at Sony Music Australia, has exited the company according to multiple TIO sources.

Ringrow is a Sony Music veteran, with over 25 years experience at the company. In addition to his Australian artists marketing and artist management responsibilities, he oversaw New Zealand’s domestic artists’ marketing.

In 2018, Ringrow was shortlisted for the Marketing Manager/Director of the Year category at the TIO Awards. The award was won by Ben Martin of Golden Era Records.

Wayne Ringrow
Wayne Ringrow

The news follows a mass shake-up at the local major amidst the label’s independent investigation into its workplace culture.

Following the launch of the internal and external investigation, the company’s longstanding leader Denis Handlin was let go in June, followed closely by two more execs in August: Denis’ son, Pat Handlin, the music giant’s VP of A&R, and Mark Stebnicki, Senior VP of strategy, corporate affairs and human resources.

Based in Sydney, Ringrow reported to Denis Handlin before Handlin was let go, and worked closely with the Managing Director of Sony Music New Zealand, Kim Boshier.

TIO does not suggest Denis Handlin, Pat Handlin, Stebnicki or Ringrow have been accused of any wrongdoing as part of the investigation, which is reportedly ongoing.

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TIO has reached out to Wayne Ringrow for comment, along with a spokesperson for Sony Music in the U.S. and Sony Music Australia’s Sophie McArthur (VP, Partner Development & Streaming Strategy, ANZ).

More details to come.