Ed Sheeran has responded to claims that his new approach to fighting scalpers isn’t above board, maintaining that he’s “not trying to stitch fans up” by cancelling tickets bought via resale websites.

Last week, it was announced that Ed Sheeran’s current UK stadium tour is at the forefront of a new method which is seeing tickets purchased through resale websites such as Viagogo cancelled ahead of the event in order to make sure that fans aren’t paying more than face value.

While the fact that tickets are being cancelled might raise an eyebrow or two, this new method then allows people whose tickets have been cancelled to go to the box office and purchase a legitimate ticket for the price that they were supposed to pay after receiving a refund. Effectively, the punter doesn’t have anything to lose if their ticket is cancelled.

However, the UK press appears to be flooded with angry stories written by those who don’t quite understand the process, leading to Ed Sheeran to have to defend this method, and restate his distaste for scalpers.

“I hate the idea of people paying more than face value for tickets when you can get them at face value,” explained Sheeran to the BBC’s Newsbeat. “People just need to start taking a stance and within two or three years companies like Viagogo are just going to be kaput.”