Two of the biggest names in global concert promotion have teamed up, with Frontier Touring and AEG Presents announcing the creation of a strategic joint venture today.

For 40 years, Frontier Touring has been one of the most well-known concert promoters in Australia, helping some of the world’s biggest acts tour the country, and putting Australia on the map as a world-class touring destination.

In fact, the Michael Gudinski-led company is so revered worldwide that it was ranked as the music industry’s #3 promoter globally for 2018.

Now, they’re teaming up with AEG Presents, the live entertainment sector of the Los Angeles-based AEG to unify their operations throughout the two countries, and to help more big names tour the country.

Using Frontier Touring’s broad regional expertise with AEG Presents’ extensive resources, this partnership looks set to see the presence of both companies continue to grow throughout the Asia Pacific region.

“Frontier Touring has been fiercely independent since its inception in 1979 and there is no doubt that we’ve batted well above the average on a global level in recent years,” explained Frontier Touring CEO Michael Gudinski.

“AEG Presents has had a successful track record of partnering with independent promoters and allowing them to keep their entrepreneurial roots while also supporting their growth.”

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“This next step is about ensuring that Frontier, AEG and our joint venture partners Illusive Presents and Chugg Entertainment raise the bar in the Australasian live market higher than ever before,” Gudinski continued.

“As demand for live entertainment continues to grow across Australia and New Zealand, we are incredibly excited to be working with a global entity like AEG Presents and the opportunities that it can bring to our business.”

“Frontier Touring and AEG Presents share a passion and commitment to delivering the best music experiences to artists and fans alike,” added Jay Marciano, Chairman and CEO of AEG Presents.

“Michael has built an incredibly respected organization with a proven track record of success and we are pleased that he chose to partner with us. We look forward to working closely with him and his talented team to further grow the Frontier Touring brand.”

While Frontier Touring and AEG Presents have had a strategic partnership across numerous tours since 2007, this new partnership is set to become effective as of July 1st, 2019.

Existing joint ventures, including that of Matt Gudinski’s Illusive Presents and the recently announced Chugg Entertainment joint venture, will continue under this new arrangement, while the new joint venture applies only to Frontier Touring and not the wider Mushroom Group stable of 25 companies.

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