Since its launch in 2015, Grow My Music has proven itself as one of Australia’s most burgeoning music industry resources. Best-known as a music education provider which offers music courses, seminars, and songwriting camps, Grow My Music has added the moniker ‘virtual artist manager’ to its stable with the launch of its app.

Along with hosting learning resources, a contact list which includes access to hit-producer beat catalogues, the Grow My Music app pitches its users’ music to notable music companies each month. Essentially, cutting out a few middle men to pitch tracks to music companies including major streaming services, publishers, multiple booking agents, and more.

Co-founder and CEO Martin Brown said: “We wanted to create an app which allowed artists to have access to bigger picture opportunities more easily, build their teams more effectively, and save them money at the same time. We’re pretty stoked with what we’ve come up with!”

As a first of its kind, the app: