Directors of several festivals declared “high risk” last week have officially confirmed they’ll be taking legal action against the New South Wales Government for their ‘war on festivals’.

In light of this morning’s introduction of the new legislation, operators of five festivals – Days Like This, Division Agency, Novel, Lost Paradise and Finely Tuned issued an official statement, claiming the policies are both “misguided and unwarranted”.

An already struggling and hard-working festival industry allegedly now have to incur fees upwards of $200,000 for ‘unnecessary’ policing and emergency service support. Just last week, Mountain Sounds festival fell victim to these impositions. These fees can supposedly be imposed at any point (and aren’t subject to justification) prior to an event, and festivals which refuse to comply will not receive the license for their event to take place.

The newly implemented festival policies are seen as a huge blow to the previously thriving festivals industry.  The statement reads:

“(It is) disappointing to see that the State has failed to apply the classification of ‘high risk’ consistently; unfairly prejudicing our festivals when compared to others. This only heightens
our concerns regarding the State’s opaque method for the classification process.”