At the launch of the Night Time Industries Association on Wednesday night Greens MP Cate Faehrmann spoke in place of Jenny Leong – the member for Newtown. Her speech focussed on the Greens’ stance against the lockout laws as well as Leong’s work with the “Keep Newtown Weird” campaign.

In her speech, Faehrmann entertained the idea that through Leong’s work and the “Keep Newtown Weird” movement, Newtown and the surrounding areas of Sydney’s inner-west have remained relatively untouched and unaffected by the lockout laws. That idea is wrong.

Whilst Leong’s work over the past few years has definitely seen a community come together to push back against these laws and their effects, the reality is Newtown has been affected by these laws. We have seen venues and businesses closing, and an influx of punters from the city bringing dangerous behaviour with them.