South Australia could be at risk of turning into the next Sydney, with new laws having the potential to cripple Adelaide’s nightlife.

Last week, South Australia’s Marshall Government revealed that it was planning to introduce what has been labelled a “police rent tax”, where organisers of festivals and events are forced to pay more for police presence, similar to the method currently in place in New South Wales.

With SA already overlooked by many large-scale tours from big-name acts, many – including the Labor part of the state – have launched a petition to protest the introduction of this new scheme.

“As if we haven’t already seen too many music festival disappear or bypass Adelaide, the Marshall Liberal Government is about to introduce a new police rent tax on organisers,” a Change SA petition explains.

“This new ‘police rent tax’ will most likely be recovered through jacked up ticket prices and make food and drink even more expensive.”

“This will put even more pressure on music festivals and they will either bypass Adelaide or pass on the cost to punters attending the event,” it continues. “Steven Marshall’s new police rent tax is bad for live music and bad for South Australia.”