The old music industry adage is: if you want to land a record deal, you move to Sydney. But if you want to create great music, it’s Melbourne where you want to be.


This was accentuated again this month when the Victorian Music Development Office released the findings of its Music Consumer Insights.

Out of 30 questions directed to 2,025 music lovers from around Australia, the significant statistic was that Victorians scored the highest in terms of supporting local acts: 55% preferred Australian live music to 45% of international.

This was higher than the national average, of 49% for locals. Breaking it down, preference for Australian live talent was 48% in NSW, 45% in Queensland and WA each, and 47% in the other states and territories combined.


Says Dave Novak of Polish Club, “Melbourne’s the only place in Australia where a band can go from busking to selling out five Corner Hotels within a year, without being able to sell a single ticket outside of Melbourne.

“People obviously have a different, more involved way of viewing live music there and we’ve experienced it with things like being offered 2am slots at small venues, which is something that would literally never happen in Sydney.”

Slum Sociable had a similar quick rise: within six months they were doing their first headliner show.