As the name suggests, NZ On Air is all about connecting Kiwis with New Zealand content. But when it comes to music, Australia is becoming an increasingly important part of the promotional mix.

All the major streaming platforms run their NZ operations from Australia, which adds a new dimension to the funding agency’s work in promoting the country’s music to audiences across the Tasman.

In New Zealand, the NZ On Air promotions team pitches homegrown songs directly to radio stations, with a particular focus on tracks that have emerged through one its funding schemes.

However, with streaming platforms such as Spotify, NZOA can only really back up the promotional activities of the NZ labels, according to head of music David Ridler.

“We feed them pitches every fortnight, but it’s a different relationship than with radio because they are based offshore,” he says. “We try to provide them a market snapshot of NZ – this is what’s really popping at radio in New Zealand the moment, these songs are researching really well – and just try and bring some extra artillery to the table.”

David+Ridler NZ on air
NZ On Air head of music David Ridler

Ridler believes the organisation has established a good working relation with the likes of Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and Apple Music, and will try and visit them in Australia two or three times a year.