The independent music community gathered in Adelaide on Thursday for Day One of the Indie-Con summit, as attendees talked shop and tuned in for on sessions covering everything from punk to profiting from streaming peanuts. TIO soaked it up. Here are some key moments from the floors and stages of The Hindley.

Nightlife Music’s Australia Played campaign was announced Monday and broken in TIO. The team behind it left nothing to chance. Every delegate bag includes a flier, every screen in the venue stamped with the green and gold logo. In time, the team behind it would be thrilled to see it become an industry standard.

“Our dream is for it to be adopted industry-wide,” says Nightlife’s Matt Lymbury, who made it official with an announcement during a morning tech panel. “There’s so much talk of quotas at the moment and we certainly support them and think there’s a market for that but we need to create demand and educate as well. We really need the industry to adopt these sorts of approaches.”

The Hindley, the spanking-new, multi-space complex which hosts the Indie-Con, feels a lot like the Judith Wright Centre, home of the Bigsound conference in Brisbane. But with more spaces to buy a drink.