Ed Sheeran could be to blame as the reason why New Zealand is missing off world maps.

The land of the long white cloud has long been left off many maps, including the game of Risk, Vancouver International Village, Central Park Zoo, Spanish in-flight magazines and even Starbucks.

In fact, there’s even a sub-Reddit called “Maps without NZ” which has more than 51,000 subscribers.

In Tourism New Zealand’s new ad campaign for its #GetNZontheMap initiative, Prime Minister the Hon. Jacinda Ardern is joined by LA-based Kiwi comedian Rhys Darby and film director/producer Sir Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings) for a lighthearted crack at Sheeran’s love for Aotearoa.

In 2017 Ed Sheeran hinted that we would like to gain NZ citizenship, giving the team at Tourism NZ great fodder for the clip as it claims he wants to keep NZ to himself.

getnzonthemap with rhys and peter jackson
Rhys Darby, Ed Sheeran, Sir Peter Jackson

Darby plays the chief protagonist investigating the theories:

“Citizens of Earth, I’ve finally done it!,” he exclaims. “After months of intense investigation both in a field and in my garage, I’ve now solved the mysterious case of why New Zealand is missing off world maps.”

Watch the latest #GetNZontheMap clip below: